What to Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

What To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer

  1. It is your legal right and your responsibility to choose the Lawyer you think is best for you and your family.
  2. Consider the Lawyer's experience with FELA cases.
  3. Should you use a designated or independent Lawyer?
  4. A designation by a union is not a specialty sanctioned by the Bar Association or Supreme Court which regulates Lawyer conduct.
  5. A designation is simply a statement that the lawyer or law firm has been approved by the union. The union has no right to discipline a Lawyer and has no control over how the lawyer handles your case.
  6. You may hire any Lawyer you choose; you are not required to hire designated counsel.
  7. The Lawyer owes a duty of undivided loyalty to you, his client. Make sure he has no conflicts of interest arising from other obligations he has to a union or other clients.
  8. Will you be represented by the Lawyer you hire or by someone else in the firm you have not met?
  9. How does the Lawyer charge for his services?
  10. What services are included in the fee he charges?
  11. Beware of Lawyers who tell you how much your case is worth before knowing the facts in detail. A good lawyer will investigate your case before giving you a firm estimate of how much your case is worth.

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