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  • Arkansas Train Collision Highlights Need For Legal Representation

    || 23-Dec-2014

    Trains are large pieces of machinery, and even when they are not travelling very quickly, they can cause serious personal injury or death. Whether working for a railroad company or using a train for transportation, those injured in a train accident have rights. A recent Arkansas train crash highlights the importance of having proper representation when you are injured as a result of a train. ...
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  • Engineers Files Lawsuit Against Railroad Company for Exposure to Fumes

    || 27-Nov-2013

    A lawsuit has been filed against railroad company, CSX Transportation. A former worker for the company was the one who filed the lawsuit, claiming that he had developed asthma as a result of inhaling the diesel fumes during his time of employment. The worker, MC, states that he had been employed by the company as a locomotive engineer back in 2010 and at this time his duties required him to be ...
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  • Martin E. Jackson recently obtained a ruling from the Court granting summary judgment in favor of his client who was injured when the automatic coupling system on a cut of rail cars failed to couple as required by the Federal Safety Appliance Act. Summary judgment means that the judge in the case ruled that the Union Pacific had violated the federal law and therefore the railroad was legally ...
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  • What is Discovery?

    || 22-Oct-2012

    For those that are filing a claim regarding an injury that they suffered while working on a railroad, there will be a number of steps involved in a case. One of these will be the period of discovery. FELA does not work in the same way workers' compensation does and those that seek to gain benefits through this means will need to prove the validity of their case. In a civil action for a ...
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    || 9-Jul-2012

    Many railroaders have injuries which cause severe pain in their bodies. This pain can be described as "shooting pains," "radiating or radicular pain," "neuralgia," or just "chronic pain." In any event, this pain is often disabling and results in a serious loss of the quality of life and the ability to work in many cases. In the past, many doctors have ...
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  • Welcome to our new Railroad Injury Blog

    || 9-May-2012

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Railroad Injury Blog with an RSS feed located here.
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