Arkansas Train Collision Highlights Need For Legal Representation

Posted By Railroad Injury Lawyer || 23-Dec-2014

Trains are large pieces of machinery, and even when they are not travelling very quickly, they can cause serious personal injury or death. Whether working for a railroad company or using a train for transportation, those injured in a train accident have rights. A recent Arkansas train crash highlights the importance of having proper representation when you are injured as a result of a train.

Arkansas Train Crash Leaves 44 Injured

A morning crash between a passenger train and a freight train left 44 injured and 5 in critical condition. The passenger train held 4 passenger cars with 44 passengers and 6 crew members on board. Only 37 people were able to walk away from the wreck with little or no injury. Emergency responders transported the injured to 31 different area hospitals, with some being airlifted by medevac helicopters.

According to reports, the passenger train began a 143-mile trip from Springdale to Van Buren and stalled before reaching their destination. The second train was dispatched to assist the passenger train but wound up colliding with the stalled one.

How can The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson, P.C. help?

One of the people injured in the crash was a train conductor that suffered back injuries from the crash. Whether the injured were employed by the railroad company or enjoying a ride on a train, someone must responsible for the serious damages they incurred.

Working with an injury attorney can be instrumental in holding an employer or a railroad company accountable for their actions. Being involved in a train accident can be devastating, and there is no need to make it worse by financially draining yourself for your treatment.

When you work with The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson, you are working with an attorney dedicated to providing nationwide legal counsel to railroad injury victims. Our firm primarily focuses on the railroad industry, which means that you are receiving representation from an attorney focused on your specific types of cases.

Attorney Martin E. Jackson has worked with hundreds of railroad workers that have been affected by railroad negligence, and has been able to acquire settlements over $50 million on behalf of those he represents. If you need representation for a railroad injury, call our firm for an immediate call back.

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