Engineers Files Lawsuit Against Railroad Company for Exposure to Fumes

Posted By The Law Offices of Martin Jackson, P.C. || 27-Nov-2013

A lawsuit has been filed against railroad company, CSX Transportation. A former worker for the company was the one who filed the lawsuit, claiming that he had developed asthma as a result of inhaling the diesel fumes during his time of employment. The worker, MC, states that he had been employed by the company as a locomotive engineer back in 2010 and at this time his duties required him to be around excessive fumes. He believes that this is what led to his lung damage and the asthma that he developed.

MC also claims that he had sustained pain and mental anguish due to his concern over his health, his lost income and the breathing issues he has since had. He believes that the railroad company is responsible for not offering its employees a safe environment, along with not offering them the needed equipment to protect him against the exhaust. Not only did they not protect him when he was working there, MC is claiming that they also did not offer warning about the exposure and the potential health risks. Through the complaint, he is seeking over $100,000 in compensation.

Under federal law, there are a number of protections that are offered to railroad workers. It is a dangerous industry to enter into which is why the added protection for workers was originally established. Employees can face catastrophic injuries when an accident occurs, but they can also deal with various illnesses. This case is an example that you don't need to be a manual labor on the railroads to still face an injury. Many workers may also not experience the results of their labor until later down the road and after being diagnosed they are eventually able to trace it back to their employment. The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson provides representation to injured or ill workers who have been ill-treated by the railroad companies.

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