Permanent Disabilities

Permanent Disability

FELA and RRB Permanent Disability Claims

Railroad workers who receive debilitating injuries of any kind may be entitled to monetary compensation. Whether you suffered a traumatic railroad personal injury in a single accident or if you have developed an incapacitating cumulative traumatic injury, you can find help with your claim by contacting The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson. Marty Jackson has devoted the past 26 years of his career to defending the rights of injured railroad workers and their families and understands how frightening it can be to face a future of disability. His track record includes over $80 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients and he is ready to begin work on a strategy for pursuing your claim.

If you face premature retirement after suffering a railroad injury it is vital to determine whether your disability was caused by employer negligence. If the railroad company failed to provide a safe workplace environment, a FELA attorney can represent you in a lawsuit to recover compensation. Railroaders have had the right to sue their employers for injuries caused by negligence for over a century and you can make a claim that includes not only your lost income and loss of earning power in the future, but also medical bills and pain and suffering. You deserve generous compensation if your injury has left you with a permanent disability.

Permanently Disabled Railroad Workers

In cases where the injury is not the result of negligence, you still may be eligible for Railroad Retirement Board disability benefits. To qualify for a total and permanent disability annuity, you must have a medical diagnosis to support the claim that you are unable to continue working at your job in the railroad industry, as well as being incapable of performing any other work which would bring you a sufficient income. You must additionally have accumulated at least 120 months of railroad service, or 60 months if you began after 1995. The claims process can be difficult, but you can increase your chances of approval by working with an attorney who has experience with the system.

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