Toxic Encephalopathy

Toxic Encephalopathy in Railroad Workers

Occupational Diseases Affecting Rail Workers

Toxic encephalopathy is among the most widespread occupational diseases suffered by railroad workers. If you have been diagnosed with this condition it is advisable to speak with a seasoned FELA attorney about the possibility of a lawsuit to recover damages. Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act, railroaders who receive injuries or illnesses on the job have a right to take legal action against the railroad company on the grounds of negligence. Your claim may cover medical bills, lost income, reduced earning power, and pain and suffering caused by the condition. The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson has recovered over $80 million for injured railroad workers and their families and Marty Jackson is ready to consult with you about your condition today.

Chemical solvent exposure is a leading cause of toxic encephalopathy. When the worker comes into direct contact with solvents or inhales the fumes, small quantities of the chemicals may be transported through the bloodstream into the brain where they can cause permanent damage. One of the most common symptoms is colloquially referred to as "brain fog" and is often mistakenly attributed to aging. The individual will often suffer from memory loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and depression. Chemical brain injury is usually irreversible, and the railroader and his family will often have to confront a lifetime of coping with the condition.

FELA Damages for Toxic Encephalopathy

If at any point in your career in the railroad industry you have been subjected to exposure to welding fumes or benzene exposure and are now exhibiting symptoms which you believe may be the result of toxic encephalopathy, you should not hesitate to seek a medical diagnosis. Marty Jackson will work closely with you to document the development of the condition as well as the impact it is likely to have on your future, both in respect to the financial costs of the condition and any reduction in your ability to enjoy life.