Occupational Cancer

What Is Occupational Cancer?

Horrific rail accidents involving traumatic railroad personal injuries fill headlines in the news, but some of the worst harm inflicted upon railroad workers comes in the form of preventable cancers which lead to outrageous medical bills, years of suffering and in many cases, death. If you or a loved one has contracted any form of cancer after working as a railroader, I urge you to contact The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson for a consultation to determine whether you may have grounds for a lawsuit under the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that up to 10% of cancers in the country result from occupational exposures. Working in the presence of carcinogens for extended periods of time dramatically increases the risk of cancer and railroaders are highly susceptible. Chemical solvent exposure, benzene exposure and asbestos exposure can all be prevented, and railroad companies are subject to strict governmental regulations to protect workers from these hazards. Failure to provide a safe working environment makes your employer liable for any injuries or illnesses you suffer as a result.

Railroad Workers Suffering from Occupational Cancer

Railroad companies will often attempt to keep the plaintiff in a FELA lawsuit from recovering compensation by alleging that the cancer was caused by conditions in a previous job or at home and defeating this argument requires careful preparation. Whether you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma or lymphoma/Hodgkin's disease, the condition most likely could have been prevented if your employer had followed standard safety guidelines and provided sufficient training, education and equipment to protect the workers. Your claim may include compensation for medical expenses, present and future lost income, and pain and suffering. Surviving family members are also allowed to sue under the FELA for wrongful death.

Martin E. Jackson has been representing injured railroad workers and their families since 1986 and has learned from experience that cancer is among the leading occupational diseases in the industry. In his career as a FELA attorney, Marty Jackson has recovered more than $50 million in settlements and verdicts nationwide and is ready to begin work on your claim.