Mesothelioma in Railroad Workers

Are You a Rail Worker with Mesothelioma?

The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson represents railroad workers who suffer from mesothelioma after receiving asbestos exposure. Asbestos has been widely recognized as a health hazard for decades and when a railroad company fails to take action to safeguard its employees, such as by removing the material or providing proper safety equipment, they can be held accountable for negligence. The Federal Employers' Liability Act allows railroad workers to sue their employers for injuries and illnesses caused by the failure to provide a safe workplace and you may be entitled to compensation under this law. On his first day in practice, Marty Jackson represented a railroad worker who had suffered fatal exposure to asbestos and has spent the past 26 years since then as a nationwide FELA lawyer, recovering more than $80 million for his clients.

Mesothelioma often takes several decades to manifest, and for this reason it is sometimes a challenge to pinpoint the exact location where the asbestos exposure occurred. Many railroaders develop this disease after spending years working around steam engines, brake shoes or welding equipment which contained asbestos. It is also possible that your workplace was insulated using the material. When small fibers of asbestos are inhaled or ingested, they will sometimes lodge in the mesothelium, the interior lining of many body cavities. Mesothelioma is a leading occupational cancer among railroaders, along with lung cancer.

FELA Compensation for Mesothelioma Victims

Early symptoms of mesothelioma include persistent coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue and weight loss. It is advisable to seek a medical examination if you have any suspicion that you have this rare form of cancer. If the railroad company is held liable for the condition, you will be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income and loss of earning power, as well as pain and suffering. Surviving family members also have a right to file a wrongful death lawsuit under FELA.