Benzene Exposure

Benzene Exposure Claims

FELA Attorney for Benzene Exposure Victims

Railroad workers are at risk of exposure to benzene, a dangerous chemical which is widely recognized as causing health problems including cancer. If you have developed any type of occupational disease as a result of inhaling or coming into contact with benzene, you may be entitled to a settlement under the Federal Employers Liability Act. Benzene has been widely used as a solvent, especially for the purposes of degreasing locomotives, as well as being present in diesel exhaust. Contact The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson to discuss your condition and to learn whether you have grounds for a FELA lawsuit. Marty Jackson has spent more than 26 years representing workers who suffered from all types of railroad injuries, and he has recovered more than $80 million for clients in his career as a FELA attorney.

Benzene has toxic effects whether it is absorbed through the skin or inhaled. It is highly evaporative and anyone working in an area where it is being used is susceptible to inhaling its vapors. It can cause anemia and damage to the immune system, making the individual more susceptible to infections. In the worst cases it is associated with an increased risk of leukemia, lymphomas/Hodgkin's disease and other forms of occupational cancer, including especially, cancer of the bladder and myeloma. The likelihood of developing serious health conditions increases with the amount of time spent in the vicinity of benzene, and railroad workers who have suffered months or years of chemical solvent exposure are especially susceptible.

Have You Suffered from Benzene Exposure?

If your employer was aware of the health hazards of benzene yet did nothing to protect you from exposure, you will likely be entitled to damages under the FELA. Recovering compensation depends on proving that the railroad company or its agents were negligent, which Marty Jackson has years of experience doing with success. Whether you are seeking a claim based on your own benzene poisoning or if you want to file a wrongful death lawsuit, Marty Jackson looks forward to speaking with you during a consultation.