Asbestos Exposure

Railroad Workers & Asbestos Exposure

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The Federal Employers Liability Act ensures that workers who suffer railroad injuries and illnesses have a right to take legal action when the employer caused the accident through negligence. If you received exposure to asbestos during your career as a railroad worker, you are at risk of developing asbestosis, lung disease or mesothelioma. Contact The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson as soon as possible to discuss your chances of recovering compensation from the railroad company, whether through an out of court settlement or through filing a lawsuit. Marty Jackson has more than 26 years of experience helping injured railroad workers and their families invoke their rights under FELA, and he has secured more than $80 million for his clients nationwide.

Asbestos related injuries can take years or decades to manifest, and it is often difficult to establish with accuracy the time and place where exposure occurred. Railroad companies will often argue that the worker received the exposure at another job or at home, but Marty Jackson will work closely with you to discover the facts. The material has long been widespread in the railroad industry, even after the public became aware of its dangers. It has been found in engine brake shoes, insulating materials in welding and maintenance equipment, gaskets in diesel locomotives, shielding in steam engines and even in office insulation.

Marty Jackson has represented hundreds of railroad workers and their family members with asbestos related injury, including mesothelioma.

FELA Attorney for Asbestos Claims

An experienced railroad injury lawyer can represent you in making a claim for your asbestos exposure. If the railroad company was aware of the presence of the substance in the workplace environment and failed to take actions to remove it or to shield workers with gloves or breathing masks, they may be found liable for negligence. Your settlement should include compensation for your medical bills and lost income, as well as pain and suffering. The Supreme Court issued a ruling in 2003 which allows railroad workers who have been exposed to asbestos to claim damages for emotional distress when they feel a genuine and serious fear of developing lung cancer, which occurs in roughly 10% of railroaders with asbestosis.