Grade Crossing Accidents

Grade Crossing Accidents

Common Sources of Injury for Railroad Crews

If you are an engineer, conductor, brakeman or other operating personnel and you are injured due to the negligence of a vehicle at a railroad grade crossing, you have rights which you must protect in order to recover compensation for your injuries. If a railroad employee other than your crew was a cause of the accident, you may have rights to pursue a claim against the railroad. A detailed consultation with an experienced FELA attorney is available. Please note that as each state's statute of limitations is different, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible or risk losing forever your rights to compensation.

Grade crossing accidents are among the most common sources of injury for railroad crews, and they are caused by negligent drivers in a high percentage of cases, such as through using a cell phone for texting, driving under the influence of alcohol, or failure to follow crossing signals. The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson can represent you in a lawsuit to secure damages when you have suffered railroad injuries in a preventable accident at a grade crossing anywhere in the country. Marty Jackson has been recovering compensation for injured railroad workers and their families since 1986, with a track record that includes more than $80 million in settlements and jury verdicts.

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The Federal Employers Liability Act makes it possible for you to sue your employer if negligence on the part of any agent of the carrier was the cause of your injuries. Your claim can include compensation for your medical bills, lost income in the present and future, and your pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one in a grade crossing accident, you have a right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. The settlement in claim against the insurance company of a negligent driver will typically include the same types of damages.

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