Have you been injured?

Have You Been Injured?

FELA Lawyer for Railroad Injuries

If you have suffered railroad injuries of any type you have rights. The Federal Employers' Liability Act provides powerful legal protections to railroad workers seeking compensation, whether you are a conductor, carman, engineer, track laborer or machinist. Contact The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson for a consultation as early as possible after your accident. Martin Jackson has more than 26 years of experience as a FELA attorney representing injured railroad workers and their families nationwide. In the course of his career he has recovered more than $80 million in verdicts and settlements and he is ready to begin work on your claim.

The railroad company is required by law to provide its employees with a safe workplace and failure to do so exposes it to liability. Whether you suffered a traumatic railroad personal injury, or if you have developed a cumulative traumatic injury or occupational disease, you must be able to prove that the employer's negligence caused or contributed to the accident. If you can, you will be entitled to compensation for your loss of wages while you recover, as well as lost future income if you now have permanent disabilities. You can additionally claim compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

Completing an Accident Report

You must complete the accident report form required by your union and inform your supervisor of the injury. Take the time to include details regarding every aspect of the accident, including defective equipment, unsafe work conditions or procedures, and witnesses who can support your account of the accident. Do not worry that you will be penalized by your supervisor or employer for reporting the accident and seeking compensation. It is illegal to harass or intimidate an employee for reporting an injury. As early as possible after the accident, it is advisable to retain legal representation to protect your rights and guide you throughout the process.

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