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There are thousands of miles of railroad tracks running through our nation, and traveling on these tracks are 10,000 ton trains that haul goods, chemicals and grains. The potential for injury and dangerous exposure is shockingly high, and that is why the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA) was created in 1908. FELA works in connection with other liability laws in our country to provide comprehensive protection to railroad workers and their families.

The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson is thoroughly versed in FELA related matters, as well as being dedicated to representing the rights of injured railroad workers under FELA. As a railroad employee, you are entitled to compensation if your employer's negligence caused or contributed to your injury. FELA claims can be significantly greater than a workers' compensation claim as they may include damages for the pain and suffering you experienced in the accident.

Unfortunately, railroad companies have been fighting to change FELA since the year it was created, and recovering the full amount of compensation for your injuries may be difficult.

Founding Attorney Marty Jackson's first day practicing law was spent representing a railroad worker dying of asbestos exposure from working around steam locomotives in a roundhouse in Virginia. He has spent 33 years since then as FELA attorney, providing counsel and dedicated representation for thousands of railroad employees in over 35 states and in federal courts across the country. He has achieved more than $70 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients.

If you have suffered any type of railroad injury, it is advisable to retain legal representation as early as possible after the accident. Without an advocate on your side, there is no guarantee that you will be successful in recovering compensation. The railroad company has its own legal team to guard against liability claims and you deserve to have an attorney looking out for your best interests and defending against attempts to minimize or deny your claim. You may have expensive medical bills and it is possible that the injury has left you with permanent disabilities which place your livelihood at risk.

Representing Injured Railroad Workers & Their Families

There is almost no limit to the impact that an injury can have. When you have suffered one, it can be hard to think past what is in your immediate focus, considering the ramifications later in life and what you can do to help reduce them now. Your injury may only continue to cause you pain and may require the use of medical treatment long term. For some, they can be left unable to work, whether it is in their original field or in any other, and as a result of the damage done, they no longer have a steady source of income. Your railroad injury doesn't just hurt you now, it can harm you for years. An attorney can take this into consideration while assessing the extent of your injury and what you are rightfully owed.

The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson represents railroad workers suffering from cumulative injuries, hearing loss, and chemical solvent exposure. While working on the railways or on a train, there is a high risk for occupational diseases; these diseases may not manifest themselves until later years. For example, mesothelioma which is caused by asbestos exposure can take decades to manifest and it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the disease. Other occupations diseases like exposure to welding fumes, toxic encephalopathy, and benzene exposure can also result in serious physical injury and require costly medical care to treat. Marty Jackson works with injured workers and their families across the country, whether you have experienced traumatic injuries or if you need help filing a wrongful death claim.

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