Railroad Retirement Board Disability Benefits

Railroad Retirement Board Disability Benefits

Railroad Injury Attorney for RRB Disability

Railroad workers who develop chronic illnesses or suffer debilitating injuries are not eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, but have their own unique form of coverage. The Railroad Retirement Board provides sickness benefits, occupational disability annuities, and total disability annuities when there is medical proof that the railroader's condition makes it impossible to continue work. These benefits are typically more generous than Social Security Disability Insurance. The RRB reports that in 2010, the average disabled railroad worker received more than $2,790 per month, while SSD payments averaged $1,130. Qualifying for benefits can be difficult, and it is advisable to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable railroad injury attorney when you need to make a claim.

Holding Your Employer Accountable

When the negligence of your employer is at fault for the illness or injury, you have a right to file a lawsuit under FELA. If negligence was not a factor, you need to file a claim for disability benefits with the RRB. You should seek sickness benefits if you have suffered an injury such as in a grade crossing accident or trucking accident and will require weeks or months to recover before you can return to work. When you develop an occupational disease such as hearing loss or back pain or suffer an injury which will make it impossible for you to continue at your job in the railroad industry, you can apply for an occupational disability annuity. Total disability annuities are available when the injury has caused a permanent disability which will make it impossible to work in any profession.

Contact The Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson for a consultation about your eligibility to receive Railroad Retirement Board disability benefits. Marty Jackson has been helping injured railroad workers and their families recover financial compensation and benefits for their injuries since 1986, and he knows how to get results for his clients. He can review your condition and help you with the complex application process. The RRB applies strict guidelines to determine who will qualify for disability benefits and he can use his knowledge of the system to increase your chances of a successful claim.